four mushroom extract chocolate syrup
ShroomBoom Hot Chocolate & Spread | 4 Mushrooms High Ratio Dual Extract | 20 Servings
ShroomBoom Hot Chocolate & Spread | 4 Mushrooms High Ratio Dual Extract | 20 Servings

ShroomBoom Hot Chocolate & Spread | 4 Mushrooms High Ratio Dual Extract | 20 Servings

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4 Mushroom Chocolate Paste 
100% Natural Organic Superfoods, Vegan

A tasty chocolate syrup paste filled with high extracts of 4 medicinal mushrooms. 
This all pure superfood paste not only tastes amazing but also is packed with all the goodness and benefits of old traditions of natural medicine. 
The paste is a mix of:
    1.  Dual extracted from the fruiting body of organic:  
      1. Chaga 9:1; Inonotus obliquus
      2. Turkey Tail 8:1; Coriolus versicolor
      3. Lion’s Mane 7:1;  Hericium erinaceus
      4. Reishi 9:1
    2. Organic Cocoa powder
    3. Organic Date Syrup

    What are the numbers? (i.e. 9:1)

    The numbers indicate the extraction strength. For example a ratio of 9:1 means it took 9 kg or 9 lb of mushroom fruiting body to extract 1 kg or 1lb of the extraction powder, hence the bigger the first number the more concentrated the extraction and more expensive to produce. Many products may have a low ratio, or 1:1 ratio or evennot mention the ratio; however the ratio says a lot about what you are getting. Basically if you get a 1g of 1:4 ratio it is the same as getting 2g of 1:8 ratio! Isn’t that amazing. 

    Dual Extraction:

    All mushrooms must be prepared in a way that makes its compounds available for absorption in the body. We only use Dual Extracted Powder that is  prepared in a way that has extracted both the hot water and alcohol soluble compounds into an easy to consume powder that blends easily with food or water. 

    What is Fruiting Body Vs Mycelium?

    Now, the myceliumis the actual living organism and you see it like a spider web white net in growing soil of mushrooms, and the fruiting body, if you will, is the reproductive structure that pops up to produce spores and continue the life cycle. 
    Mushroom experts argue mycelium products contain very little beta-glucan or triterpenoid content and are an unproven or inferior product.


    Chaga mushroom shows up on birch trees in the northern regions of our planet. It has been used for at least several hundred years in Russia and Eastern Europe and is well known and used extensively by indigenous people of northern Canada, Europe and Siberia. Chaga is employed as a potent antioxidant for which it is starting to get quite a reputation. It also has a reputation to boost immune system.

    Turkey tail is known as queen of mushrooms and there has been many research on how it may enhance stamina, strength and Immunomodulator 

    Lion’s Mane is known for it's ability to help with focus & brain clarity. It is also known for enhancing creativity, energy, immune support and cell protection

    Reishi is a strong Adaptogenic/stress support 

    Mushroom drinks are very epicurean and found in very selective high end cafes for $10-$12. Also mushroom extracts are very pricy. With this amazingly paste you can treat yourself to a taste out of this world along with all the goodness. this is our creme de la creme ...

    To Use:

    • Simply eat 1tsp straight off the jar; it has a dense chocolate taste and a subtle sweetness
    • Or add a teaspoon to hot or cold milk, nut milk, water or coffee. Stir and enjoy
    • Spread on toast
    • Add to Smoothies
    • Use in baking & health bars recipes

    Ingredients/ Ingrédients :Ingredients: Organic Date Syrup, Cocoa Powder & Dual Extract of Organic: Chaga 9:1, Turkey Tail 8:1, Lion’s Mane7:1, Reishi 8:1

    Shelf life: 10-12 Months. Can last up to 2 years if refrigerated (Calyst may show due to fructose in date syrup but that is totally fine)

    Made in Canada

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