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12 Jars of Organic Kosher Date Syrup
Organic Kosher Date Syrup Dozen bundle
12 x Organic Date Syrup | Kosher | No GST
12 x Organic Date Syrup | Kosher | No GST
12 x Organic Date Syrup | Kosher | No GST
date syrup drizzled on peanut butter toast

12 x Organic Date Syrup | Kosher | No GST

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  • 100% Natural & Pure Superfood Sweetener
  • Real Fruit Extract
  • USDA Organic; Kosher; Gluten Free; Vegan
  • No Added Sugar, No Nasties, No Sulfur, No Chemicals or Pesticides
  • Minimal processing to preserve the integrity and natural goodness
  • Low GI Index
  • Healthy Vegan Sweetener

      To Use:
      • Use as a sweetener in recipes (smoothies, pancake mixes, drinks, ...);
      • Used for baking healthy goods
      • Drizzle over oatmeal, cereal, porridge, yogurt, fruit salad, ...
      • Sweeten your drinks; tea/coffee
      • Use as a dip instead of caramel
      • Replace other sweeteners with the healthy date syrup

      Organic dates, non-chlorine water

      Cool, dry, covered storage. 
      Refrigerate after opening to enhance shelf life

      Shelf Life: 
      Based on storage method: At 38-40° F (Refrigerated): Eighteen (18) months from date of packing. Ambient temperature (40-70°F): Twelve (12) months from date of packing.


      • The product does not go bad at the end of its shelf life but can become dark in color.
      • Calyst formation in date products are natural and is a separation of glucose from the fruit.
      • Dark surface colouris due to minerals and is normal
      why choose date syrup?