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MacaLina Mermaid Latte Paste (20 Servings)
MacaLina Mermaid Latte Paste (20 Servings)
MacaLina Mermaid Latte Paste (20 Servings)
MacaLina Mermaid Latte Paste (20 Servings)
MacaLina Mermaid Latte Paste (20 Servings)
MacaLina Mermaid Latte Paste (20 Servings)
Maca Spirulina
MacaLina Mermaid Latte Paste (20 Servings)

MacaLina Mermaid Latte Paste (20 Servings)

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MacaLina (Maca Spirulina) Mermaid Latte Mix

100% Natural, Pure, Vegan & Caffeine Free 

Adaptogenic Superfood Energizer 

A paste mix of all natural superfood ingredients

Organic maca powder comes from an adaptogenic root and harmonizes the overall body and is studied for its ability to increase energy, reduce stress, and even boost libido. This root is native to the Peruvian Andes. Maca Root has a rich history in Peruvian culture & historically has been traditionally consumed by ancient Incan warriors prior to battles to give them superior strength. Maca is also known as an aphrodisiac.

Spirulina is considered a complete protein & is rich in many minerals &  nutrients.
"For a metabolism-boosting snack, blast off with spirulina. Made from dehydrated blue-green algae, spirulina is a miracle from the sea for your metabolism. It's packed with protein and all the essential amino acids your body needs to keep your metabolism charged up by fueling your cells." Dr. Oz from the Dr. Oz Show.
Spirulina was named the "Best Food for the Future" at the 1974 United Nations World Food Conference, and could be the possible solution to severe malnutrition in third-world nations due to its ability to provide the malnourished with nutrients, its low amount of side effects and eco-friendly cultivation practices. A true future food, it may even soon be cultivated in zero gravity by NASA and the European Space Agency. In fact, NASA includes spirulina in its astronauts' diet and plans to grow the algae on its space station.
We only source spirulina that is grown in open-channel, man-made shallow raceway ponds, where paddle wheels are used to flow the water which  accelerates growth while clean, fresh water and nutrients are continuously added to the ponds to keep the spirulina thriving. Then spirulina is harvested with filters, washed in fresh water, and then dried by spray drying machines. Our spirulina is non-irradiated and non-GMO.

Our paste is already sweetened with healthiest natural sweetener; dates, there is no need to add anything. The paste form of this product makes it easy to dissolve in beverages with out any mess or floating lumps.

Hand crafted in small batches for optimum quality & taste.


  • This mixture is high on antioxidant due to Spirulina and Maca
  • Great energy booster both Spirulina and Maca are known for their stamina boosting adaptogenic, revitalizing or restorative properties
  • Spirulina contains minerals and protein

To Use:

  • Add a tsp to hot or cold milk, nut milk, water or coffee stir & enjoy
  • Add to your smoothie recipe
  • Staff Tip: we love placing a teaspoon into a mason jar and adding cold milk, then place the cap on and shake the jar, voila!

Organic date syrup, organic maca & organic spirulina powder

*Warning: Consult with a doctor before taking this product if you are pregnant or have any health concerns

Cool, dark and covered storage. Refrigeration after opening recommended

Shelf life:
10-12 Months
Can last up to 2 years if refrigerated (Calyst may show due to fructose in date syrup but that is totally fine)

Made in Canada

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