What are medicinal mushrooms?

In recent years the term medicine mushrooms are being heard quite often. Although medicinal mushrooms are becoming more and more popular these days they are nothing new.

For centuries mushrooms have been in the nature and our ancestors have been using them on a regular basis. Most of them were known for certain qualities or health enhancements.They are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for their properties and health values.
Although medicinal mushrooms might not look like a typical balloon top mushroom and have very different looking shape but they all fall under the fungi family. If you see some pictures of medicinal mushroom you might notice that you have seen them while hiking in the nature or even in your backyard.
Some of the most commonly seen medicinal mushrooms in the nature are Chaga, Reishi and Turkey Tail mushrooms.
Chaga mushroom is a massive brown mass that builds up on top of a tree trunk.
Chaga Mass on Tree
The turkey tail usually forms on that wood and has a very distinct shape of colourful layers (shaped like a real Turkey Tail, duh) and attaches to the wood like a shelf.
Turkey tail formation on wood
Some of the highly mentioned benefits of mushrooms are usually high antioxidant content, cell health, brain enhancement, and youthful properties.
Although caution should be taken when foraging mushrooms yourself as some of them might carry toxins and be poisonous, but they're always a beautiful scene to discover and admire in the nature.So next time you go on your hike or you're working in the backyard keep an eye on these gorgeous friends.
You can always purchase medicinal mushroom extracts to add to your daily diet to take advantage of their benefits. They could be added as a powder into your soup or taken as a pill, in a drink, or a smoothies. Additionally mushrooms can be found as tincture, high ratio extraction, or oil extraction. My all time favourite is to take them as hot chocolate as it makes it extraordinarily delicious and exotic.