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Our Story

Our founder, a health conscious Holistic Life Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor, raised in a family of Naturopath Doctors decided to bring back her childhood favourites of healthy superfoods that complement a wholesome diet & make them accessible and easy to use for today's modern world. 
She often quotes the story of cinnamon or golden milk that her mom used to make during  winter times or the wide range of date fruits she snacked on growing up. 

At Earth's Eats we spend a lot of time researching to find the highest quality elite ancient superfoods from reliable single sources from around the globe & then create easy to use, tasty products incorporating them.

This is where East meets West, North meets South and all global stable ancient products & knowledge merge into one jar.

We are on a mission to bring to you 100% pure, natural and non-processed, highest quality food products that are actually good for you.

We follow 4 simple musts when creating our products:

Must have health benefits, must be 100% pure & natural ingredients, must taste good, must be easy to use on daily basis

This is Earth's promise to you.

Our logo symbolizes the yin & yang balance in black and white  & repeated equal shape of "E" alphabet; which is also our company abbriviation.  

The four dots represent the four elements: 
Earth, Water, Air & Fire; 
all needed in balance to produce a natural healthy food.

We are the first supplier of single origin (US) organic, free of pesticides & chemicals  Date Syrup in British Columbia, Canada & the creator of:

Turmeric Latte Paste, 
Beet Latte Paste,
MacaChino Hot Chocolate Paste,
ChagaChino Hot Chocolate Paste,
MacaLina Latte Pate,
Lavender Latte Paste,
CashaMel Spread


Located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia 
we thrive to eat healthy & nutritious ingredients and live mindfully & 
we want to share the love with all of you.

For wholesale or bulk purchase inquiries please email us at: