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Our Story


Our founder a Naturopath Doctor (ND) who has a deep knowledge of health food & herbs, decided to bring back her childhood favourites in a form that complements a wholesome daily modern diet.

She often quotes the story of cinnamon or golden milk that her mom used to make during  winter times, the smell of refreshing iced rose drinks made from garden rose petals during summer times or the wide range of date fruits she snacked on growing up. 

She then incorporated her Naturopathic & Ayurveda knowledge to create an elite cutting edge line of activated superfood tea latte pastes merging ancient superfood ingredients from across the globe into a paste mix that is tasty & easy to use in daily modern life. All our mixes enhance wellness and complement today's lifestyle in the most convenient & delicious usable form. 

This is where East meets West, North meets South and all global stable ancient products & knowledge merge into one jar.


    Our products are so versatile that can also be used in many different ways such as latte, tea, lemonade, smoothie, coffee boosters, spreads, dips, in baking/ cooking, or even as face mask!  

    We follow 5 simple principles when creating our products:

    1. Must be vegan;
    2. Must have health benefits,
    3. Must be 100% pure & natural superfood ingredients,
    4. Must taste amazing,
    5. Must be easy to use on daily basis
    Having our tea latte pastes means:
    • All the ingredients are activated as sitting in paste format which contributes to better absorption
    • Less oxidization of the tea leaves as they are sitting in a dense paste with less exposure to air
    • All vegan natural superfood ingredients means no sugar added, no fake honey, colours, artificial flavours, ... what you see is what you get
    • Given the paste form you ingest the leaves and actual tea which is said to contribute to your gut microbiome (like fermented foods!)
    • Superfoods often contribute to your wellness. So if you want to drink why not drink something that enhances your wellbeing
    • Elimination of tea bags; this is not only for all the chemicals and dangerous elements that can come with the teabags but also environmentally more friendly and sustainable
    • Sweetened subtly with date syrup you do not need to add any sweetener and also can benefit from dates
    • Not just for tea but our pastes can be stirred into your choice of milk for a tea latte like no other, and used in baking, cooking, porridge, smoothies, ...

    read more about "Why use superfood latte pastes?" here.

    Earth's Eats

    Our Logo symbolizes the Yin & Yang in black & white equal shape of "E" alphabet; which is also our company abbreviation.  The four dots represent the four elements:  Earth, Water, Air & Fire;  all needed in balance to produce a natural healthy food. The white background represents the clean & pure ingredients.


    Located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, we thrive to eat healthy & nutritious ingredients and live mindfully & we want to share the love with all of you.

    For wholesale & bulk purchases please email us at: info (at)