Are your products Vegan?

    • Yes, all our products are Vegan

    Are your products Organic?

    • 80% of our ingredients are organic.

    • Our Date Syrup; MacaLina: Rooibos Rose; MacaChino & ChagaChino are 100% Organic.

    • We are going 100% Organic on all our products by end of  2019

    Do you offer first time purchase discount?

    • Purchasing online for first time, use code "Online10" to receive 10% off

    Do you offer special Cafe Price?

    • Yes, for coffee shops hoping to serve our latte pastes or add them to their retail shop with receive bulk purchase prices, simply email us to inquire
    • Note: Must be a cafe purchasing, not open to individuals, not valid with other discounts

      Where can I find your products:

      You can find our products at following locations  (selection varies by store):

        We have a store & are interested in carrying your products for resale, is that possible?
        • Yes, we would love to have our products at your cafe, store, gym, ... we offer a retail discount to bulk purchases for resale so you can mark up to a profitable sale 
        • We also offer demos on site so your customers can try the products
        • interested in becoming part of our family? email us at info*at*EarthsEats.com

          Do you offer Bulk Purchase Discounts?

          •  Retail Stores: Retailers wishing to add our products to their retail store we offer retail discount, email us at info at Earthseats.com for prices
          • Public: If you are looking for bulk purchase please email us and we will look into discount options depending on your volume

          Do you offer Refunds?

          • Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on food products due to safety

          Do you Sell to US customers?

          • Yes, we do. You can order directly off our website and if the shipping cost doesn't calculate we can get back to you on the shipping cost
          • Note: US customs may get charged duty from customs upon receiving of the items (this is customs & duty standards)

          What is the Expiry Date of your products?

          • Please refer to the product page and click on the actual product to see the shelve life of the product
          • Most of our products have a shelve life of 10-12 months in cool place and 1.5 years if refrigerated

          Are there any Additives, Colour, Preservatives, Sugar added to your products?

          • All our products are free of all the above
          • This was our main mission when we started Earth's Eats as we are against any type of additives to products (incl. sugar)

          Do you charge Taxes?

          • Yes, there is a 5% GST charge as per BC regulations on our products
          • Also there is a 5% GST and 7% PST on shipping cost (as per Canada Post charges)

          Do you charge a Handling or Packaging Fee?

          • No, we do not charge handling or packaging fee
          • The cost you see under shipping and handling is only shipping cost

          How much is the Shipping Cost for my purchase?

          • As soon as you go to the checkout page and enter your address and preferred shipping method the system will automatically generate your shipping cost
          • These prices come directly from the shipping company that you choose.
          • We have a special Shopify rate shipping cost which works out cheaper than regular

          Do you offer Free Shipping?

          Initially we offered free shipping on $80+ but we noticed with low margins that is becoming a big cost to absorb. Currently the free shipping only applies for orders of $100+ CANADA ONLY 

          What are your methods of payment for online purchase?
You can Pay for your purchase using the following methods:

          • Credit Cards (online and in person)
          • Paypal 
          • Apple Pay
          • Google Pay
          • Email Transfer to info@earthseats.com