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Organic Date Spread/ Paste 1lb; LIMITED
Date Paste Nutrition Table
Organic Date Spread/ Paste 1lb; LIMITED
Organic Date Spread/ Paste 1lb; LIMITED
How to make health bars

Organic Date Spread/ Paste 1lb; LIMITED

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Date Paste

Just 100% Organic Dates
High in Fibre, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium & Phosphorus

Bulk size perfect for making health bars and using in other recipes.

Our Date Spread is made of one ingredient: Organic Zahidi dates. The ones with caramel colour and spreadable texture

Although there is no added sugar this product competes with all the Jams which are saturated with processed sugar. Want a healthy alternative to your jam? Try our gooey, caramely, delicious date spread.

This product possesses a sweet odor and flavor. It has a gooey texture full of date fruit fiber and sweetness.

Did you know dates have 2.5 times more potassium per gram compared to Bananas?! Seriously!  No wonder Dates are called "Brain Food".

To Use:

  • Spread on Toast
  • Add to your charcuterie board as this pairs great with cheese
  • Replace your Jams to avoid processed sugar and also get more nutrients and fibre instead
  • Use in recipes such as healthy bars, baking, smoothies, ...
  • Make healthy bars with no baking, just add nuts and dried fruit and make into squares
100% Organic Date (no pesticides, chemicals, additives)


Cool, dark & covered storage.

Shelf Life:
Based on recommended storage method: At 0°- 40 ⁰F: 18 months from date of packing.

Product of USA


  • The product does not deteriorate at the end of its shelf life but can become dried out and/or form white specs on the surface. The white specs are sugar which separate from the flesh of the paste and rise to the surface.
  • Pit fragments and calyx may occur in date products. Calyst is crystallization of the glucose content. Simply place the jar in warm hot bath or warm place and within 1-2 hours the calmest dissolves.
  • Darker colour on surface of the product may appear due to high Iron and Magnesium content.
  • Best used at room temperature