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Organic Date Syrup is the best vegan sweetener!

Organic Date Syrup Compared to Other Natural Sweeteners:

Why Date?

Good question. There are so many sweeteners our=t there and each advertise to be healthy, vegan and natural. Anything from agave syrup, maple syrup, coconut syrup, honey, bee free vegan honey, molasses, date syrup, ...

For years I was trying to avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners and it was hard.

I am also low in Iron and anemic, for some time I took 1-2 spoonful molasses a day for Iron content.

About three years ago I found out about Date syrup and the benefits and nutrients that are in this fully natural plant based sweetener. I was no foreigner to date products as I was raised in a country that dates are a snack and food stable. So getting back into my roots was easy, and I also had the knowledge and skills (given my years of consumption and exposure as a kid) for looking into high quality of date products . For me it was easy to switch back to my childhood favourite now that I could easily find the high quality and organic version here in North America.

Date Syrup is by far the least processed plant based sweetener.

Well let's do a simple comparison. I put together the following chart for my reference to begin with as I was looking to cut out sugar and unhealthy sweeteners and replace them with all natural, least processed, and nutrient pack sweetener.


  • Date syrup has higher level of potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and fibre compared to Honey and Maple Syrup.
  • Did you know Dates have 2.5 times more potassium per gram compared to Banana?


And to review other sweeteners here we are:

Vegan honey: is basically a cane sugar simple syrup. Yes, it is vegan as cane sugar is plant however it is basically processed sugar and if you are ok to use processed sugar by all means.

Agave syrup: This plant based sweetener made a huge trend few years ago. So I looked into where it comes from and how it is made. It is basically the root vegetable (Agave) Starch turned into syrup. Vegan? Yes, but healthy? no. You are consuming highly processed starch. 

Coconut sugar or coconut syrup: Ok let's make something clear. Coconut sugar and syrup are not derived from coconut fruit. They are actually produced from gathering the nectar of the coconut tree flowers and then boiling it down to syrup or heat drying to sugar. So you can tell it is processed. 

Honey: Most of the honey we get these days is contaminated with artificial sugar and corn starch which makes sense given that honey is accessible for such a low price. Specially city honey where bees can sit on a slurpy or left over pop and suck the sugar in. One year in France they noticed the very strange range of colour for honey produced and after doing some investigation they realized the bees are feeding on the sugar disposed from an M&M factory. Now, Manuka honey is the purest i have found in the market and you pay a true honey price for that. here is a link worth reading:

So where can you buy date products in Vancouver, BC?
At Earth's Eats ( we now offers Organic Date Syrup and Organic Date Paste.

You may find other date syrups coming from overseas but

  • Some are actually mixed with sugar or corn syrup, so read the label and ingredients carefully
  • Some may have gone sour due to lengthy shipment from overseas and mishandling
  • Many are packed in low quality plastic containers which changes the taste and quality of the product. Sometimes you can taste the plastic when you are consuming the date syrup
  • Additionally most if not all the date syrup coming from overseas are not organic and might have been treated with pesticides which could be harmful. they are all naturally grown but that does not mean they abide by organic policies or are chemical free

So start dating with confidence with our Organic Date Syrup, from single organic certified date farm in US. 


Organic Date Syrup

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