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Why is turmeric healthy?

As turmeric gets more attention in the west, it is interesting to know that this golden elixir is nothing new in the eastern ancient medicine such as ayurveda. In addition to golden milk turmeric has been used in different cuisines because of its health properties. 

As I was searching to learn more about turmeric I ran into the following article from one of my favourite chefs Jamie oliver. I have been following Jamie since the beginning of his career when he had videos of making food in his kitchen inviting his now wife for a bite. He has constantly used fresh ingredients in a most basic and rustic way. It is very inspiring to me when chefs acknowledge the benefits of the ingredients.

In his article Jamie Oliver also mentions the high iron & potassium content of turmeric. Although as a chef Jamie highlights the mineral content of turmeric, I am sure by now you have heard about all the other health benefits of turmeric such as anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antioxidant, fighting blues 7 depression, overall body health, sleep enhancing, ... No wonder this drink is golden.

Now let's not forget we are not claiming that turmeric is a cure for all the above, it is merely a drink that does you good. Any sip or bite counts when you are on your journey to healthy living.

He also shares delicious easy make recipes that include turmeric as an ingredient in his article.

Please see the link below for his entire article including recipes: