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Why Do We Go the Extra Cost & Effort To Have Our Products In Paste Format?

You probably have noticed the paste format of our products, and yet it costs more as then it has to be mixed, jared, and the extra ingredients to make it a paste. On top of that we don't use just any ingredients to make it a paste (cheaper alternatives of cane sugar, canola oil, ...).

This was on purpose as we believe in the quality of our products and our rule #1 is only 100% pure & natural superfood ingredients.

So why paste:

  • The fact that the ingredients are sitting in a paste format facilitated the extraction into the paste, so as soon as you dissolve a spoon into your drink you get more good ness out of it rather than mixing in the individual ingredients
  • The paste format helps it dissolve faster without any floating lumps
  • The paste is made with organic date syrup which on it's own is the best vegan sweetener (refer to our comparison chart)
  • The paste format of the Turmeric Golden Latte also allows us to add an extra ingredient, coconut oil with also helps in extracting more goodness out of Turmeric

So we don't mind going the extra mile and cost to give you the best. 

Get Pasted :)