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Where to Buy Adaptogenic Lattes in Vancouver?

So you have read about adaptogens and have tried them in your diet and now decided to switch your morning coffee to caffeine free adaptogen latte. But how easy is it to get this stress reducing, endurance enhancing drink in Vancouver?

If you have been to New York or Europe adaptogen drinks are almost all over the place. 

Well, not to worry, we have you covered.

  • At Earth's Eats, we are specialized in adaptogenic latte pastes with pure vegan superfood ingredients, no processed sugar or additives in an easy to use form. Simply find our products (choice of 6 superfood latte pastes varieties) and pick your favourite and just stir a teaspoon into your hot milk/ nut milk/ hot water/ or your morning coffee. 
  • Also you can now find our latte pastes being served at Victoria's Health and Organic Bar (Hornby & Broadway locations). 

So start your day with an adaptogenic latte, available in following flavours: Turmeric, Beet, Lavender, MacaChino, MacaLina (Maca/ Spirulina) & ChagaChino or mix them to get your own favourite flavour (like Lavender Macachino resembling the Chamber Restaurant Lavender Hot Chocolate but in an adaptogenic form). 

Not just a latte paste, as you can use these products in smoothies, iced latte, coffee booster, baking, cooking or even face mask!

Have a happy adapted every morning :)