Where to buy Organic Date Syrup in Vancouver, BC?

Looking of Organic Date Syrup in Vancouver, BC?


We have them;

  • All our products are 100% pure and natural with no added sugar, preservatives or additives
  • Our date products are from single farm in US & in the least processed form to preserve all the goodness & as a result it has a caramel taste and beautiful sweet aroma
  • Date syrup reacts with PET or plastic containers so we have gone the extra mile to bottle our precious organic date syrup in beautiful glass bottles

Other Date Syrups in the market: 

    1. some you may find in Mediterranean stores are mostly from overseas and go though climate change, lengthy oversea shipment and poorly managed temperature and as a result compromise the taste and the quality of the product
    2. They are not organic, which means pesticides are used on crops, although thy may advertise as natural it does not mean they are free of pesticides
    3. Often they might have gone sour and have a spoiled taste due to packaging or storage temperature 
    4. They are often packaged poorly in plastic containers which react with the acidity of the syrup and often you may taste or smell the plastic container in the syrup
    5. Also a warning that many date syrup products in the market are not pure and natural. for example there are many date syrups in the market that when you read the ingredients list it says added sugar or palm sugar to preserve the syrup. You don't need that in your syrup.
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