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What is Sumac Spice good for?

Sumac Spice
High on ORAC Chart Anti-Oxidant Value

Sumac Spice is getting more and more popular in western cuisine now days. you might have seen instagram posts of images of fried eggs, salads, yogurt, hummus, roasts, kebabs, ... sprinkled with the bright burgundy Sumac spice.

Although sumac is a stable spice in mediterranean cuisine and have been used for centuries in many recepies, it is good to incorporate it onto your modern recipes of today's world.

Sumac has a tart, lemony taste which is not too overwhelming making it very versatile to be used both in sweet and savoury recipes. Not only that the bright colour add a magical visual beauty to the food.

One of many health benefits of Sumac is it's high ORAC value. with the ORAC of 312,400 this ancient spice is truly an anti-oxidant benefiting your health (refer to image bellow)

Sumac is also great as a tenderizer and makes digestion of meat products easy.

How to use:

  1. brew like tea and drink Sumac ta
  2. Add to yogurt
  3. sprinkle on salads, food plates, macro bowls, eggs, roasts, ...
  4. use as dry rub

Sumac ORAC
Image from Modern Survival Blog: