"Tea bags release billions of plastic particles into your brew " Shocking right?

It was not really shocking for me to hear this news on a typical Fall day in September 2019.

In today's fast-paced lifestyle everybody loves the convenience of teabags. un-wrap them soak them in your cup of hot water and enjoy an instant cup of tea. You can take them in your purse anywhere if you have a specific favourite, ...

But this convenience comes with a price that many of us are not aware of.

Personally I've always been a fan of teabags due to convenience. I had a whole range of tea pots and loose tea and strainers at home but too lazy or impatient to use them and the clean up after was another hassle.

However my mom (a true herbalist) always advised me against it. Her concern was there's a lot of chemicals in the paper of the tea bags as they are bleached and processed. She always says the plastic tea bags are worse, "who wants to soak a plastic full of chemicals in their hot water and sip on it ".

But I always sneak teabags into my busy day. Four years ago a colleague of mine introduced me to natural organic unbleached teabags that you buy separately and you stuff your loose leaf tea in it and soak that in your hot water, the idea was to avoid the chemicals that are in bleached chemically treated tea bags.

Needless to say it had its own inconvenience of having to prepare all that, also it takes a while for loose tea leaves to brew and extract the actual flavour. 

Last year I was reading articles about tea leaves and how beneficial it is to drink the leaves as well. We often hear that there's more benefit in the skin of fruits, leaves of tea, stem off herbs,… but we often discard of all that goodness. 

Although the invention of our tea latte pastes at Earth's Eats came gradually as we were perfecting our products, today I'm very proud to say that our hundred percent all superfood ingredients tea latte pastes not only does not expose you to all the above concerns, but you actually drink the tea leaves in the paste in a delicious hot tea or hot tea latte form like no other. 

  • Having our tea latte pastes means:
    • All the ingredients are activated as sitting in paste format which contributes to better absorption
    • Less oxidization of the tea leaves as they are sitting in a dense paste with less exposure to air
    • All vegan natural superfood ingredients means no sugar added, no fake honey, colours, artificial flavours, ... what you see is what you get
    • Given the paste form you ingest the leaves and actual tea which is said to contribute to your gut microbiome (like fermented foods!)
    • Superfoods often contribute to your wellness. So if you want to drink why not drink something that enhances your wellbeing
    • Elimination of tea bags; this is not only for all the chemicals and dangerous elements that can come with the teabags but also environmentally more friendly and sustainable
    • Sweetened subtly with date syrup you do not need to add any sweetener and also can benefit from dates
    • Not just for tea but our pastes can be stirred into your choice of milk for a tea latte like no other, and used in baking, cooking, porridge, smoothies, ...

sure, you get some tea residue in the bottom of your cup, but that is a great indication you are eating real food! So sip it up.



Actual articles referring to the dangers of tea bags:,fleas%20to%20the%20contaminated%20water.