Mushroom Hot Cocoa or Mushroom Coffee!

When I first mentioned my brother in law the ShroomBoom (our 4 dual extract mushroom hot cocoa) he gave me a disgusted faces saying "mushroom hot chocolate!?". 

I guess if you think of the cooking mushrooms in your drink it does sound a bit odd and disgusting, right?

A day latter I made hot cocoa for everyone and served it to the family and after they all drank it and complemented the flavour and taste i broke the news that what they just had was a medicinal mushroom hot cocoa. Then we had a thorough conversation on the benefits of these mushrooms & everyone was hooked within minutes. 

Mushrooms can be enjoyed in many ways. The most common are the actual mass of dried medicinal mushrooms boiled for tea or the extraction that is more dense and higher ratio of mushroom per volume.

The dual extract of the medicinal mushrooms is a brown powder that tastes something between espresso & burnt cocoa powder.

We offer mushroom drink mix in two of our products: chagaChino & ShroomBoom.

Our ChagaChino is a mix of chaga powder, cocoa powder & organic date syrup and can be enjoyed in making hot chocolate. This is our more affordable version as the chaga part is the actual chaga mass and not extraction.

Our ShroomBoom paste which combines the dual extracts of the cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail & lions mane mushrooms with cocoa powder 7 organic date syrup forms a chocolate syrup that you can not even tell the difference from hot chocolate syrup.

Depending how you want to incorporate the medicinal mushroom into your diet you can simply have eat a tsp by itself (like a chocolate paste), spread over your toast, drizzle over fruits, oatmeal or porridge, or added to your coffee or just have the old fashioned hot cocoa when mixed with your favourite milk/mylk or hot water. 

Medicinal mushrooms have been around in centuries and used regularly in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda medicine.

Now a days every so often I set a tray of espresso cups and fill them with the ShroomBoom Cocoa and have a family get together to enjoy and chat.

 Here is a great link to learn more about medicinal mushrooms: