Superfood Face Mask That You Can Eat Too!

When we tell our customers they can use our superfood latte pastes as a face mask & face scrub, their reaction is nothing less than pure surprise. 

But, think about it. If the food you are eating is pure natural food it will also does your skin good.

Growing up my mom always said if you are eating a fruit make sure you put some slices on your face. I remember peeling cucumbers to add to salad as I didn't like the skin much but then would wipe my face with cucumber peels.

Now when it comes to using our latte pastes a sa face mask there is more than just a fruit or spice peel.

Given the paste format of the product it can easily be spread over your face. Also given the ingredients and the texturity it can also work as a gentle exfoliating scrub.

Additionally you would absorb some of the benefits through the skin.

So when you grab your Earth's Eats jar of latte paste you decide which one you feel like having on your face depending what your skin is craving (Chaga, Lavender, Rooibos Rose, Maca, Beet, ... )

So next time why not make yourself a cup of latte while you also spread it on your face. Sit back and enjoy while you are getting a superfood facial.