Spirulina Vs. Blue Spirulina (Blue Majik)

Like you I am always mesmerized with all the odd colourful latte or smoothie  pictures on Instagram; yellow, red, blue, green, black, turquoise, unicorn, ...

Some colours make sense, yellow for turmeric, red for beet/ berries/ rooibos, green for matcha/ spirulina, black being the new charcoal vibe, ...

The one I am constantly surprised with is the majik spirulina and few other shades of spirulina.

So I jumped online to do some research on how that blue majik colour is created.

Initially I thought it is a form of spirulina that is blue colour (naturally found) but I was wrong. reading more and more I realized the blue majik is an extract from the real green spirulina.

Now, I couldn't find anything on how the extraction or isolation is done. Was is through different solubility of different chlorophyl in spirulina? Was it chemically isolated? was it genetically modified to have more blue than green? ...

So I moved on to the next subject. How does the nutrients in spirulina compare to blue majik?

Given that each component of a food stores certain nutrients it makes sense that if they isolate that component then the isolation will be more saturated in that nutrient. This was also the case in blue majik having more of a certain antioxidant. You can find this antioxidant in spirulina however given blue majik is an extract of certain chlorophyll colour (blue) from spirulina, and that blue chlorophyll is dense in that antioxidant then the extraction would naturally be higher in that antioxidant.

The above will mean blue majik will not contain many other nutrients that you may find in spirulina. 

So my personal conclusion was:

  •  IF the extraction/ isolation of blue majik from spirulina  is not done naturally (chemical processing or harsh heat processes that may damage other ingredients); I will totally skip blue majic 
  •  IF the extraction/ isolation of blue majik from spirulina  is done naturally (without any chemical process or harsh heat processes that may damage other ingredients), I would still prefer spirulina given that there are all the nutrients intact in natural form

  • However I am not denying the beauty of blue majik pictures on instagram and up until this day it still mesmerizes me everytime I see a torquose blue majik art

Note: this article is by no means a medical view and is merely sharing a personal opinion and preference

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