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What is Adaptogen, Adaptogenic?

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"What Are Adaptogens?
The term “adaptogen” comes from Dr. Nikolai Lazarev, a Russian scientist) who first coined in 1947, but Isreal Brekham, PhD and Dr. I. V. Darymovhe created the formal definition in 1968. The formal definitely includes the following criteria:
1. An adaptogen is nontoxic to the recipient.
2. An adaptogen produces a nonspecific response in the body—an increase in the power of resistance against multiple stressors including physical, chemical, or biological agents.
3. An adaptogen has a normalizing influence on physiology, irrespective of the direction of change from physiological norms caused by the stressor. (Source)
In other words, adaptogens must:
  1. Be safe
  2. Work by reducing your body's stress response
  3. Support overall health by helping the body achieve balance known as homeostasis
If you take apart the word, you can get a hint as to what adaptogens are.
“Adapt”, of course, means to change to what is going on.
Adaptogens are substances that help the body be more “normal”, or “balanced” in many arenas.
While working with the above-mentioned practitioner, I worked with 3 adaptogens, but I've recently been getting better acquainted with more of them and I am finding them to be fascinating."
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"What Are Adaptogens?
Adaptogens are natural substances that work with a person’s body and help them adapt; most notably, to stress. Adaptogens are a natural ally in dealing with persistent stress and fatigue because they work with regulating important hormones.
Adaptogens offer several other health benefits, including…
  • A boost for the immune system [1]
  • Support for managing a healthy weight [2]
  • Increased physical endurance and mental focus
  • Reduction in discomfort caused by poor health [3]
  • Encouraging a balanced mood [4]
All these benefits can come from something as simple as adding adaptogens into your regular diet. While there are a number of ways to increase your adaptogen intake, consuming adaptogenic herbs is arguably one of the best."


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"Is turmeric an adaptogen?Turmeric as an Adaptogen. The concept of adaptogen is new to the Western Mind, but is basic to Ayurveda. Though there is not an exact 1-1 relation, in general, it is the Ayurvedic rasayanas, the herbs of longevity and positive epigenetic events, that are the ancient adaptogens.
Is Maca root adaptogenic?
Adaptogenic herbs do not alter mood, but rather, they help the body function optimally during times of stress. Maca: Maca has been dubbed “Peruvian ginseng,” though it bears no relation to ginseng. But like ginseng, the root increases strength, energy, stamina, libido and sexual function."