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Easy adaptogenic Lattes For Your Morning Cup of Joe

We are so used to picking up that cuppa joe every morning that it is almost a natural  routine of our mornings. Specially living in rainy, cold places, holding the morning hot drink has a comforting, fuzzy & happy feeling.

We are so hooked on caffeine that we sometimes don't even realize the addiction as we enjoy the taste and every sip of that cup in the morning, or even wake up to have the morning coffee. Often we may not even need the caffeine and sometimes it actually creates heartburn, anxiety, jitteriness, ... but habits are usually hard to break, right!

I was like that! I owned a cafe years ago and was so hooked on the caffeine that I drank coffee like water, sometimes 4-5 cups a day.

Now, you may ask, " I need that energy boost in the morning"; "I like the cozy feeling of a cup of warm latte"; I want the satisfying feeling I get after my cuppa joe"; ....

What if I tell you, you can replace your morning coffee with an adaptogenic latte alternative that gives you same feeling boost without the caffeine and offers you many more enhancements?

Here is what I did: 

For years I tried to come up with alternatives; decaf coffee (smells and tastes awful); morning smoothies (don't like the cold drink in the morning or mess); bullet coffee (again too messy in the morning as I used to put in blender, also my cholestrol is high so it did not work for me); tea (not the same cozy creamy taste for me); ... none of these got me going as there was always something missing. Then I started my Yoga path and got exposed to Ayurveda and Golden Milk "Turmeric Latte" and many other ancient healthy ingredients like Maca powder, Chaga, Spirulina, ....

Now I have to warn you, these options were also messy. I started by juicing fresh turmeric and Ginger roots and storing in a jar in the fridge and warming up into my latte with other spices. This was a lot of work & often is i went away for couple of days it would go bad. little I knew i was also killing all the goodness in turmeric and other ingredients by warming it up in a sauce pan on the stove top with my nut milk.

Then I turned to powder mix, but the taste was not my favourite and also it lumped up on top of my warm milk, whisking to get it smooth & adding sweetener still didn't give me the taste I wanted. 

For me it was important to:

  • Have a product that is Easy to Use- otherwise I am too lazy to use it
  • A product that Tastes Good- I am a foodie and it has to taste good 
  • Have Health Benefits- Well after all we are what we eat
  • Be Non-Addictive
  • Be Caffeine Free

To me taste and ease is very important. I don't want to mess up my kitchen blending, whisking, mixing, sweetening, ... just to make a cup of latte.


I then came up with my own latte paste incorporating magical ancient superfood ingredients.

My pastes had it all, from healthy vegan sweetener to fat if needed. All natural and pure ingredients with adaptogenic benefits. All I had to do is warm up a cup of milk, grab a tsp of the paste and stir it in, Voila! That simple. 

I started getting a lot of interest in the pastes from family and friends and hence started Earth's Eats to be able to offer the paste to our customers. 

Up until this day, I still get up every morning, heat my cup of soy milk and stir in the latte paste mix that I crave that morning. Today I had the MacaChino, and now sipping on Turmeric latte as it is my afternoon fix. Tomorrow I am having MacaLina as I am craving the Spirulina goodness & I am low on Iron. 

Life's simple pleasures don't have to be complicated, it is that simple! Try for yourself.