How to Celebrate Mother's Day During Covid-19?

"Mom, what would you like to do for Mother's day?" this came up as I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday. 

I have been practicing social distancing with my family because as a small business owner I am out and about and I don't want to risk my elderly parents. All I can do is make sure to check in with them with phone calls, face timing and dropping off their grocery by their doorstep. This probably sound familiar to all of you.

I am sure it is still tough on them as at that age they look forward to family days and get togethers or simply having tea together.

So when that question came up this was my mom's response: "All I want is to sit down and have a turmeric latte together like the old days".

Sad but true. That got me thinking. How can I make that possible? So here came the idea. I am sending my mom a gift package that contains fresh flowers, a card, a unique mug and a jar of Earth's Eats Turmeric Latte & Lavender paste. I think it is not only a gift but something that she enjoys and helps with her health. Then on Mothers day we will have a video call and have the turmeric latte at the same time and have a chat like always. 

I called my mom today and told her what if we do a turmeric video call on mothers day and she was thrilled. So here I am now making that happen. 

What are your plans to celebrate Mother's day this year?