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Holiday Roast with a Twist: Sumac Spice

Holiday Roast with a Twist: Sumac Spice

As we are approaching holiday season you might be planning the family and friends gatherings and the amazing home made food you want to serve. Want to give it a new twist and taste? Try Sumac on your roast this holiday season.

Try your turkey, meat loaf, ham, roasted veggies, ... with Sumac this holiday season. Sumac is very versatile spice, it has burgundy flakes and tastes sour and tarty just similar to cranberries however in a dry form. It complements roasts and is actually a good tenderizer.

Sumac is also high in ORAC chart as a high antioxidant level. Some people actually brew and drink sumac tea.

To use:

  • Prior to placing your turkey (or meat loaf, or roast, or vegetables, ...) in the oven, just sprinkle with oil and then rub Sumac all over the roast
  • Place in oven and roast for the recommended time
  • Sprinkle more Sumac before serving
  • You can read more about Sumac and purchase at