Delicious Superfood Drink Mixes: Iced Tea, Lemonade, Tea or Latte (Make all with just one product)

By now you have probably heard all about superfoods, you might have even tried them in different forms. But how do we really adjust to the taste of something that our pallet is not used to.

I have many friends who had started on variety of superfood products, but soon after they fell out of the track due to the unfamiliar or unpleasant flavour of the super foods that made it not enjoyable to consume. 
Don't worry, we have come a long way and designed a product that actually tastes more like a treat maybe even better than a Starbucks drink. You won't even believe that it is 100% superfood ingredients.
Whether you want to make a hot lattes or hot tea on cold days Or create your own iced latte, iced tea, flavoured lemonade in summertime, these products will surprise you every step at a time.
How to use:
Simply grab 1 teaspoon and mix it into your choice of liquid. It is that simple.
Since we have incorporated date syrup into the product there's no need to add any sweetener.
Turmeric tonic