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Old tradition food for modern life! As easy as stirring into your cup of warm milk

When I started Earth's Eats it was after endless years of trying to incorporate superfoods into my diet, some labour intense, some yuky tastes and some not so easy to make.    

I tried anything from juicing fresh turmeric on weekly basis to keep it in a jar in the fridge to make my golden latte; to mixing my own golden latte powder mix with hot milk in a blender in the morning so it mixes well,... these were time consuming and a lot of mess to clean up after and sometimes annoying, specially when your liquid turmeric extract that you are taking to work in a jar, spilt in your purse and everything is all of a sudden yellow.

Imagine this:

  1. you grab your milk
  2. place it in a sauce pan on stove top  or cup in microwave to warm up
  3. add the golden latte powder (then you need to whisk it well to blend and even then there is lumps floating on top of your cuppa joe) or juice (which might be lacking some key ingredients, such as black pepper or coconut oil)
  4. grab a jar of honey, or maple syrup, or sugar (please don't use sugar! defeats the purpose of having an adaptogenic latte)
  5. grab a spoon
  6. stir in the sweetener into your milk
  7. then you taste it and it doesn't even taste appealing or enjoyable

Now imagine this:

  1. you grab your milk
  2. place it in a sauce pan on stove top  or cup in microwave to warm up
  3. grab a spoon
  4. stir in a tsp of Earth's Eats Adaptogenic,
    1. already mixed with proper ratio of key ingredients,
    2. already sweetened with healthiest vegan sweetener
  5. taste: Amazing!

I believe eating healthy should be easily incorporable, taste amazing, be beneficial to your well being, and be enjoyable.

And that is why I started Earth's Eats and created the only hassle free adaptogenic drink paste. I hope it brightens up your days as much as it does mine.







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