Creation Of ShroomBoom: High Ratio of 4 Mushroom Extraction In A Superfood Paste Form Like No Other

When we initially decided to add mushroom extract as a product option we made sure to create a product as versatile as our other products.

Additionally product ingredient quality was on top of our goal as this will enhance the consumer experience and the benefits you get from usiung the product. There are so many things that are not mentioned in the ingredient list or product info and more so when it comes to mushroom extracts.

  • One of the top thing to have in mind is the extraction method when it comes to mushrooms. Now you may ask "Can I just not eat the mushrooms as they are?". Mushrooms have a very unique structure and our digestive syste can not break them down enough to get the ingredients out. Hence best to extract mushrooms prior to use. Having that in mind mushrooms as whole and mushroom powders (withouth extract) contribute to our microbiom and are also beneficial to eat on their own (hence we have another product ChagaChino). I personally consume both types. Now back to extraction you often see water extract, alcohol extraction, single extraction, dual extract, ... terminology used. well to begin this discussion let's clarify why there are so many extraction methods and why. When it comes to mushrooms all the ingredients can not be extracted by water or steam only. that means there are some ingredients that are not water soluble and need another medium to be extracted and that could be alcohol extraction. hence when they say dual extract that means the extract is extracted using both water and alcohol resulting in more ingredient extraction.
  • Another factor is the ratio of the extract is a big indicator what intensity you are getting. You have probably seen 1:9 Chaga extract or 1: 2 chaga extract, ... The numbers indicate how much chaga was used (ie 9 kg or 9 lb to extract) 1 (kg or lb) of chaga extract. Yes, you got it right, the higher the ration the more potent the extraction.
  • Now let's get to the point that many producers may take advantage of without your knowledge. when it comes to mushroom there is the fruiting body (the image that we all know of as mushroom) and the web like root like net called mycelium that grows in the surrounding soil & turf (which is easy to grow in a lab or controlled environment). Many companies use the mycelium as it is cheaper and make an extract warning: you are not getting mushroom extract but a cheat product
  • Ok, this next point is tricky so pay attention. there are many mushroom coffees in the market which defeats the purpose. Mushroom extracts are adaptogens meaning they boost stamina and over all wellness without caffeine or any addictive ingredients. When you buy a mushroom product in a coffee format you are getting a superior product in a form that is not optimum. To add to that you probably have seen many mushroom extracts mixed with instant coffee. personally I suggest taking mushroom extracts on their own, however if you like it in your cup of coffee then why use instant coffee? just brew a great coffee bean or espresso shot and add the mushroom extract.
  • So put both of the above factors together you get a dual extract (de) 8:1 of chaga (or any other medicinal mushroom).

So you might ask how did we go when designing our 4 mushroom extract paste. We only use dual extraction of the fruiting body and high ratio for all 4 mushrooms that you find in this product.

Our ShroomBoom offers 20 servings of:

250 mg/serving of EACH dual extracted from the fruiting body of organic

    1. Chaga 9:1; Inonotus obliquus
    2. Turkey Tail 8:1; Coriolus versicolor
    3. Lion’s Mane 7:1;  Hericium erinaceus
    4. Cordycep 8:1; Cordyceps militaris

It is worth to mention that dual extracted mushroom elixirs and the high ratio also comes with a higher price. and you can find the single extracts and lower ratios ( i.e. 1:1) in the market which should sell for much.

Then we decided to make it into a delicious paste that you could even spoon feed if you want to (often mushroom extracts have an unfamiliar taste that is not very pleasing). Our paste tastes like a chocolate paste/ syrup but in a 100% superfood ingredients only form. 

Whether you want to add to your morning coffee, spread, drizzle, make a latte or have a tsp first thing in the morning you will immediately notice the high quality of this delicacy.

You are very welcome :)

 Mushroom Mocha