Our New 100% Organic Concentrated Superfood Tea Latte Pastes in a Tube! SQUEEZE AWAY!

More than a month ago we announced our rebranding project. This was in an effort to make our products even better & more convenient to use along with a price surge in supply cost and other expenses.

It has been a busy time for us with ideas, formula creations, design, packaging, supplier research, sustainability, and many more. 

Here is what is happening at Earth's Eats these days:

  • We have gone 100% Organic Ingredients. Previously we were 80% Organic and during our re branding we are now 100% Organic Ingredients which are sustainably sourced.
  • We have gone concentrated formula. This means we have concentrated the paste up to %35 more concentration.
  • We have gone Tube-ing:
    • Additionally the new tube packaging is smaller & easier to recycle which means less carbon footprint.
    • The tube packaging also eliminates contamination is case of inserting a wet or contaminated spoon into the previously jar packaging
    • It is travel friendly as we have squeezed a concentrated 120g into a 100ml tube that you can take with you anywhere in your carry on
  • We have added Butterfly Pea Flower powder to our now concentrated lavender formula to add that blue lavender color while maintaining our 100% superfood ingredients promise.
  • We have also added organic beet powder to our Rooibos Rose paste to add that red color.
  • We have narrowed down our new tube collection to 3 flavour: Turmeric; Lavender; & Rooibos Rose
  • Although we are still offering our jars of MacaChino, ChagaChino and Beet pastes but they will be rolled out in the next several months.
  • We are keeping our ShroomBoom in a jar form as that is our elite product and we have also added Reishi to that mix making it a total of 5 medicinal mushrooms.

    Well you can see now how busy we have been.

    In the next year we will be working to advancing our new packaging and hopefully adding more to the flavours.

    We could have not done this without your love and support. Thank you for believing in us and our products.


    Earth's Eats Team


    superfood Latte Mix; CANADA