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Best International Trade - Earth's Eats Made It To Top 10

Late October we were nominated for two categories for Small Business BC awards: Best International Trade & Premier's People's Choice. 

Late December we were informed that we are in top 10 for the Best International Trade category. 

This has been a milestone given that we had only launched our line of products June 2018, yet we take every achievement seriously as we know a lot of hard work goes behind close doors to establish a thriving business. 

Earth's Eats started on a mere passion of creating healthy, tasty, easy to use superfood products that taste like no other. This meant innovation, perseverance, research & development, ... as our products the way they exist now never existed before. 

Please read more at Small Business Bc Website on all the top 10s in different categories:

Premier's People's Choice SBBCBest international Trades SBBC



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