Activated All Superfood Tea Latte Paste. Perfect replacement for powder or tea bags

When we first started our line of products we simply wanted to create a line of superfood drink pastes that are easy to use. So easy that no excuses can be found. No blenders, no whisks, no yucky lumps floating on top of your drink. 

We also wanted our products to be versatile and multifunctional. Such as our MacaChino Hot Chocolate Paste being used as a spread along with hot chocolate drink.

Needless to know as we progressed we realized we are offering way more than that.

Tea bags have been a stable of many households. Many of us have it handy at work and home as it is as easy as few swift moves into hot water and out. But few years ago many were shocked to find out that the paper in tea bags are treated chemically and as we dunk that tea bag into our ot water we also get the chemicals dissolved into our drink. Currently there are many plastic mesh tea bags which are not environmentally friendly and although it solves the problem of the tea bag paper chemicals, you are dunking a plastic mesh into hot water. Go figure!

There are also powder forms of superfood that you mix with your choice of liquid. Often they float on top of your drink or you need to use a blender. even after all that the taste may not be as desired. 

Let's not even start on loose leafs and the mess they leave behind, whether you use a tea pot or a french press to brew the tea. also as it sits around the kitchen it looses the flavour and aroma and oxidizes fast.

Here is where the beauty of the pastes shine through. Not only it eliminates all the above problems and concerns it also offers the following benefits:

  1. It is activated form of the superfood or tea as it is sitting in a paste form. Ever thought about how much extraction can happen in a paste form
  2. eliminated the chemicals you may consume from chemically treated tea bags or plastic mesh tea bags
  3. the oxidization of the ingredients is minimized due to the paste form. There are more surface contact with air in powder or loose leaf forms and a paste product binds everything so well decreasing the contact surface just to the top of the product surface
  4. Taste! what can I tell. Our pastes taste like a treat. The perfect combination of ingredients and addition of date syrup makes the taste out of this world. The date syrup masks the unfamiliar taste of some superfoods or spices to a smooth delicious taste
  5. Since our pastes are subtly sweetened with date syrup (which is a vegan superfood) you do not need to get honey or maple or any other sweetener. this is not only a cost saving fact but also less process in preparing your drink i.e. no need to grab another spoon to grab honey and stir it in

Try it for yourself and see the difference.

 Activated Tea latte pastes