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8 Things you need to know about Earth’s Eats Products:

Things you need to know about Earth’s Eats Products: 

  1. They Are Activated Due to the Paste Format; Extracting More Nutrients
  2. The Only Superfood Activated Adaptogenic Paste Currently Available
  3. All Pure Superfood Ingredients, Vegan & Sweetened Subtly with Date Syrup
  4. Easy to Use (Just Stir-In with No Lumps, No Need for Whisk or Blender)
  5. Tastes Like a Treat
  6. Versatile & Can Be Used in Latte, Tea, Smoothies, Cocktails, Lemonade, Cooking, Baking, … & Even Face Mask :)))))
  7. All Designed to Enhance Your Wellness
  8. We follow 5 principles when designing our products:
    • Only vegan
    • Only superfood ingredients
    • Must enhance wellness
    • Should Taste like a treat
    • Must be easy to use on daily basis

    Valued at $23 But We Are Making Them Available for Our Customers for $16.95



      8 things to know about our adaptogenic lattes