20 things you can do during COVID-19

  1. Stay home
  2. Drink & eat healthy
  3. Be virtually present for friends and those in need via supportive texts, messages, video calling, or a simple phone call
  4. Support local small businesses as much as we can. This doesn't have to be financial if you are under pressure could be following them on IG, liking posts or leaving encouraging comments
  5. Do some home stretch or exercises. There are many groups now offering virtual classes
  6. Be extra kind to people around you if you live with family as everyone is feeling scared and stressed inside
  7. If feeling sick, follow all the guidelines 
  8. While at home follow a routine that keeps you out of bed 
  9. Start on all the home projects that you had put on hold, i.e. cleaning, organizing, making crafts, cleaning emails, ...
  10. Look into safe grocery shopping options but do not panic and overbuy
  11. If you have to go out for an urgent errand make sure to keep 6ft away from everyone
  12. Call help lines if you feel you need some support. It is OK
  13. Know that we are all in it together and this is a global matter
  14. Make sure you do look out the window or go for a safe walk 
  15. If you have kids at home create a daily agenda for them to follow. they can do crafts, start on science projects, help organizing their rooms, paint, make food together, ...
  16. Hug your pet more often, they can sense your stress and will soothe you 
  17. Think positive
  18. Start having plans for future and what you will do when this is all over 
  19. Meditate 
  20. Don't forget to breathe