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Welcome to Earth's Eats; Creator of World's First 100% Superfood, Activated Tea Latte Pastes.

Designed by a Naturopath Doctor, this is where all ancient global stable superfoods & knowledge merge into one jar.

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Easy to Make Superfood Lattes, Simply Stir In a tsp
Amazon's Choice  Best Seller Turmeric Latte Mix & Organic Date Syrup

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Hear It From Our Customers

I have been trying to find a tasty Turmeric mix as I have heard a lot about the benefits of turmeric. After trying all powder mixes I almost gave up Till I found this product. Impressive taste and ingredients. It has black pepper and coconut oil. Tastes like a treat

Robert (Verified amazon.com buyer)

Love this!

I use this on a daily basis and love the fact that it’s a paste, easily dissolves in water and tastes gear!

Sara from Vancouver, B.C on Feb 05, 2018; On Vegan Supply Website; Re. Turmeric golden Latte Paste

Very impressed with this superfood antioxidant. Tastes great in almond milk and good to know it does the body good!!

Geegee (Verified Amazon.ca buyer)

"Mom, it tastes like cookies..."

A kid trying our Beet Latte at Vegan Supply on our sampling day

love the color

I had purchased this previously from their site due to having high blood pressure, and am in love with how easy it dissolved in my nut milk. I used to use the powder before but it was hard to get a smooth consistency. Totally recommend this. Can't wait to use their other products.

Chantale from Vancouver, BC on Feb 07, 2018; on Vegan Supply Website; re. Beet latte Paste

Good stuff!

This is a great alternative to coffee, love it with hot soy milk!

Lisa from Nanaimo on Feb 05, 2018; on Vegan Supply Website; re. Turmeric Golden latte Paste


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